Who we are

Hi, we’re Kevin and Mike and we co-founded Food Truck Marketing. With over five years combined experience and over one hundred events in multiple cities, we know everything there is to know about running a successful food truck.

We have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the food truck industry. We are not only good at what we do, but we love doing it and want to share that with you.

What we do

Happy Customers

Food Truck Marketing helps organizations promote their products or services with the use of food trucks.

Whether it’s the food trucks themselves, creative campaigns or event management; We'll take care of all of your food truck needs.

Why us

  • Fact: People love food trucks. They will do crazy things for them.
    Ask Twitter.
  • Fact: Experiential marketing campaigns are effective.
    Google it.
  • Fact: Operating a mobile business in Toronto is discouraging at best.
    We cut the red tape.
  • Fact: Have you seen how much a billboard costs? And it doesn’t even move!
  • Fact: When you choose Food Truck Marketing, you support local independent business’.
  • Fact: We do it all. Inquire within.

How it works

How we help grow your business

Your business lives in one place. Potential business and customers are everywhere. Food Truck Marketing connects you with these customers. We become your brand ambassadors providing you with the right tools to run successful promotional campaigns that help grow your brand's awareness and loyalty. Start your campaign today!

+1(416) 839-8807

What we offer

  • Food Trucks

    Whether you need a commercial kitchen on wheels or a mobile billboard, Food Truck Marketing can supply the right vehicle for the job.

    • Fully licensed food trucks
    • Custom wraps, branding and design
    • Interactive mobile billboards
    • Truck operators and staffing
  • Creative Campaigns

    We realize how important it is to get the right product into the right hands. Food Truck Marketing can connect you to your audience in any setting.

    • Focused promotional & sampling campaigns
    • Public relation events
    • Festival opportunities
    • Street teams
  • Event Management

    We know you're busy. Let Food Truck Marketing do the leg work while you focus on what matters.

    • Licensing/permit/by-law administration
    • Location scouting
    • Location management
    • Staffing solutions
  • Analytics

    Whether you need a voice for your message, or data from a campaign, Food Truck Marketing can provide the information you need to move forward.

    • Community management
    • Campaign analysis
    • Location based services